Dad, I Will Forgive You By Elzabeth

At the age of 9, I felt that I loved you more than anyone within my family. My sibilings were all little girls, but none of them were as close as I was towards you. You were my everything. 

At that point of time, the relationship between you and Mommy were not healthy. I could still vividly recall the times where both of you would argue with each other over everything single thing. I have witnessed how you laid your hands on Mommy on many occasions. 

As I grew older, I came to realise that you have changed. You were not the nice and loving father. The way you looked into my eyes were no longer the same. I couldn't understand what had happened to you, but I have never stopped wanting to be your Daddy's girl. 

I still remembered the days where Mommy had to work night shift, and I would leave my two others sisters in our room so that I could sneak into the master bedroom to sleep in your strong and musculine arms. Those were the best days of my life.

That year, I celebrated my 10th Birthday. As usual, I would crawl into your room to sleep beside you when Mommy goes for her night shift. That night, things changed. You creeped your hands over my thighs and onto my private area. At that moment, I literally felt that every ounce of energy was drained away from me. I could not feel my body. I could not say a word. My whole body went into total paralysis. I was strickened into complete silence.

I did not know that you have molested me and a year went on. I learned much from the sexual education talk in school. I protested to you. You threatened to take my life away, the very life you gave, should I utter a word to Mommy. You turned into a monster.

Years when by. You and Mommy were separated. I confided to Mommy about what you did to be and she did not believe what I said. She told me that you were not that type of man. Her response threw me into the darkest abyss. I was helpless. I had no one to turn to but to suffer in misery.

I have turned 19. Till this very day, I still felt disgusted over myself. I seek guidance from above but my prayers were not answered. For many nights, I would scream into my pillow. I cried myself to bed. I was so frustrated to acknowledge that you would actually harm me in that way. My heart shatters in pieces each time I think about how you had the heart to hurt your baby girl.

You were a monster. A monster who consumes any woman at any age. I was disgusted. I was helpless. I was mad at you. 

You ruined my childhood. You ruined my life. In God's grace, I grew much stronger. I am a woman with a strong heart. I have learnt to accept and appreciate the good and the bad that God has laid upon me. I thank God for everything, I thank God for having you.

I call upon the community to spread my words to many other. I hope that no other daughter would suffer in silence. Every child deserves a proper childhood. A woman should never be taken adventage of. Her body is her soul. Every female being should be respected inside out. 

Dear Daddy, I am sorry for what you did. I wish I had the same love both my sisters had. I have forgived you. I am stonger than before. I thank you for being my Daddy. Deep down my heart , I wish you treat your new family better, and never break anyone's heart anymore.