"My Blue Christmas"

It's that time of the year again when there is much to celebrate with the yuletide spirit in the air.

Some of my loyal friends include Mike A Png, his lovely wife, Josephine and two choir members from their church.

During the Christmas season last year, this lovely group brought pastries, drinks and gifts to bring sheer delight to me as they sang popular Christmas carols, armed with a guitar that brought tears of joy into to my eyes.

The fellowship was superb; the pastries out of this world. Indeed, this is the true spirit of Christmas where lonely seniors are given so much love and support. The ‘gang’ will sure to repeat their ‘performance’ this year, if not I’m gonna ‘bug’ them to do so.

This Christmas, it'll be the forth year that Doris, my late wife will not be around to celebrate the joys of Christmas with me. But I know that she'll be happy to know that I am starting to rebuild my life with new-found friends and some loyal and dedicated ones who stood by both of us throughout our lives.

My beloved Doris, for 40 years you have given me the best years of my life.  Always by my side, I could not have asked for a better wife. You are now in the arms of the Lord, and with the angels all around you, you’ll enjoy eternal happiness. You may be gone, Doris, but my love for you will stay alive in my heart –forever.

And as I look up in the sky, I will try not to cry.

Festive poem: Christmas Made in Singapore

The annual light up at Orchard Road

People in festive mood gathering here by the lorry loads

The Christmas lights that sparkle at night

Here the city comes alive and it’s such a beautiful sight

Christians who congregate in churches to attend midnight mass

Start of the Christmas celebrations that for 12 days, will last

We hear Christmas carols being sung in many places

We see goodwill being spread amongst the different races

Children all excited decorating the Christmas tree

The smiles on their pretty faces are a sheer delight to see

“Santa Claus is coming tonight!” all would say

For surely the gifts St Nick brings will surely make their day

As in many cities, the Christmas feast in Singapore is an annual tradition

Here family and friends tuck in on meals that are prepared from mummy’s kitchen

Providing for the less fortunate people in Singapore, is an annual affair

During Christmas, volunteers raise funds for them because they care and share

For the true meaning of Christmas is to give from our hearts

This for many will for the New Year, be a good start

A Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year 2018 to one and all Spread kindness and love and you’ll always stand tall.

Raymond Anthony Fernando