When Death Occurs - The Complete Guide

Everything you need to know in 3 minutes.

Point of Death
Death could happen at Home, in Hospital, or abroad. The most important thing is to get a medically certified doctor to determine the cause of death. The Certification of Cause of Death is essential for funeral planning as well as death registration.

In special circumstances where the cause of death cannot be determined by a medically trained doctor, police will be involved, and The Body will be transported to Mortuary@HSA for possible autopsy.

Preparation for Funeral Proceedings
Upon obtaining the Certificate of Cause of Death, family members may proceed to contact registered funeral directors under the Association of Funeral Directors (Singapore), NEA for the funeral proceedings.

For booking of wake locations, family members will contact district Town Council (for HDB residences) and LTA (for utilization of common road for private residences).

Family members should consider the last wishes of the deceased if any, to determine if The Body will be cremated or buried.

For death abroad, Coffin Export Permit (from country of exporting), and Coffin Import Permit are required for Singapore Citizen and PR to import The Body into Singapore.

Death Registration
Family members will have to register the death at any Police Divisional HQ, NPC, NPP, or the Registry of Births & Deaths @ ICA Building. If The Body is referred to the Mortuary@HSA, the death will be registered on-site.


Hugging is the simplest form of expressing affection. A proper deep hug is extremely effective at healing, builds trust and sense of safety.

Having a proper send-off for the deceased is as equally important as having a good closure for the living. Collective grief from the passing of your love ones can instaneously be transformed into strength and unity. Story telling, sharing of knowledge and legacy of the decreased are activities familiy members and friends can do to help each other tide through the darkest times. 

Do not forget the living. Amplify your love. Love the people around you. Love those who you went through the thick and thin with you.

Have absolute faith in being.

Remember, that no matter how much you pour yourselves onto these special few, they will always hold on to you without any complain.