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Draft Your Own Will@ZinniaAfternote is designed to facilitate the thought process of Will drafting, anywhere, any time. All submissions will be sent back to the orignator's email. The next time you visit a law firm, you will come prepared. Maximise the consultation time to drill your lawyer with deeper questions!

So imagine this. You have worked so hard for your entire life to amass the wealth and resources to sustain your personal lifestyle and to provide for your young.

The so called life achievements would probably consumed you and put you in a state of "constant busy-ness". But guess what, even if you are famous for settling things right and ensuring that things to be executed in the most perfect manner, we somewhat acknowledge that life can be really unpredictable. Life can really amaze you in the most unpredictable way!

Now, you can draft your will at your own comfort and convenience. You will go through your thought process on the things that matter, how far are you away from the intended final phase of your life, who will be there to execute your Last Will, who will the witnesses be, and lastly, who will receive your inheritance. 

Before you begin any forms of estate planning, you need to burn the midnight oil and comprehend the fine prints of the legal know hows. Doing so will help avoid complications in estate planning.

For the Muslim Community, do note that  the resources you accumulated in your lifetime (namely the Estate) shall be distributed except for CPF Monies, Joint-Savings and Investments, Insurance Proceeds, and obligations to faraid under Section 111(1) of the Administration of Muslim Law Act.

Roles and Responsibilities

Proper assignment and delegation of the roles and responsibilities will smoothen the estate planning process, and the reverse can render your entire Will invalid!

The Testator (You) is responsible for initiating and signing off the last will and testament. A Testator (You) will appoint at least 3 other persons.

The Intestate Succession Act

In Singapore, a person who does not have a valid will have his estate (properties and possessions) processed under Section 7 of the Intestate Succession Act:

The above information is not applicable to the faraid under the Administration of Muslim Law Act.

Le-ingo (Legal Gargons)

Probate or Grant of Probate is a formal certificate issued by the Court to certify that a will has been validated and registered to enable the Executor the legal authority to execute the will.

Reseal a Commonwealth Grant is required for Executors to administer overseas assets of the deceased in Singapore. In such condition, the Memorandum of Resealing must be obtained in the approved list of Commonwealth countries and translated into English.

Draft Your Own Will Today