About Us


We are ZinniaAfternote. We believe in the Power of Expression.


ZinniaAfternote leads noble and lofty social movement with compassion and benevolence. Allowing free and open expression in honor and fond remembrance of those who has passed before us. Each and every human has precious soul imprint, heart quality, personality, and life experiences. In sharing of heart-felt and private moments, we may recognize common thread of humanness in all of us. Bond of love, in Universal Connectedness of Humanity often unseen and unacknowledged.

Zinnia 回忆备忘录引导着一种既高贵而崇高,又富有怜悯心和仁慈的社会行为。允许自由开放真诚地表达和纪念那些已故的人留下的美好回忆。任何一个独立的人类都有着宝贵的心灵印记,一定的内心承受能力,独特的个性,和不一样的生活历验。在分享内心感受的私人时刻,我们可能需要识别人性的共同点。以爱连系,在人类的普遍相互依存中通常是不可见,不可认知的。

Obituaries will be permanently stored in our SmartOrbit-Obituaries platform to enable users with unprecedented access to post, edit, and share heart-felt words for the deceased in the most private moments. Family and friends are encouraged to participate altogether; as in such difficult times, we believe that social support is essential for recovery from grief.

We would like to extend our invitation to established pro-social organizations, public and private social support groups to join our efforts to promote a collective learning and overall well-being.

Life is a book. We fill the pages.